Newlyn Art Gallery

24th April - 16th May 2009

In this exhibition, both literal and metaphorical ‘wastelands’ were represented by a range of contemporary art.

Desolate landscapes, dysfunctional societies and broken minds were portrayed in a variety of media including painting, installation and performance, which in different ways seem to evoke the geographical and psychological themes of T.S. Eliot’s poem The Waste Land of 1922. The show included work by Jane Bailey, Sarah Bunker, Paul Chaney, Joe Doldon, Andy Harper, Ally Mellor, Kate Parsons, Alison Sharkey, Lucy Willow, Alexandra Zierle and Paul Carter.

The exhibition was co-curated by Rebecca Darch, Jeni Fraser, Ruth Gooding and Phil Rushworth, who were students on MA Curatorial Practice at University College Falmouth, graduating in September 2009

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Jane Bailey

To think of place as an intersection – a particular configuration of happenings – is to think of place in a constant sense of becoming through practice
and practical knowledge.’ - Tim Cresswell, Place
I make art as a way of investigating the world, particularly ‘places’ as they are produced by people’s comings and goings. I look for interconnections and separations: between people, and between people and the locations they inhabit.
Where do I end, and other people, things and places begin? This is one of the questions that fuels my work.
My working process is often collaborative and it involves activities such as talking, eating, walking, riding, rowing and recording. Inquisitive interactions of camera, person and place are used to cast a sideways glance at seemingly straightforward, ‘natural’, environments.

- Jane Bailey

Jane Bailey’s quietly enthralling video forces a consideration of how a familiar, natural environment might be seen and experienced in other more disjointed and confusing ways. Revert presents a lush, idyllic landscape setting. Slowly, an ungainly figure walks cautiously into the frame. It may take a while for the viewer to realise that this isn’t just a pleasant walk in the woods, but an awkward and apprehensive struggle with the place and its surroundings. Here nature, even in its most benign and picturesque state, becomes a difficult, uncertain terrain.
- Rebecca Darch

Recent Exhibitions
2008 Time, Tides and Teabags, B-Side festival.
2008 At Sea, Transition 8, Newlyn Art Gallery,
2008 Screen, Contemporary Art 2008, Atkinson Gallery
2007 Participation, The Poly, Falmouth.
2007 Person, place, interaction, Degree show, MA Contemporary Visual Arts, UCF.

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