Newlyn Art Gallery

24th April - 16th May 2009

In this exhibition, both literal and metaphorical ‘wastelands’ were represented by a range of contemporary art.

Desolate landscapes, dysfunctional societies and broken minds were portrayed in a variety of media including painting, installation and performance, which in different ways seem to evoke the geographical and psychological themes of T.S. Eliot’s poem The Waste Land of 1922. The show included work by Jane Bailey, Sarah Bunker, Paul Chaney, Joe Doldon, Andy Harper, Ally Mellor, Kate Parsons, Alison Sharkey, Lucy Willow, Alexandra Zierle and Paul Carter.

The exhibition was co-curated by Rebecca Darch, Jeni Fraser, Ruth Gooding and Phil Rushworth, who were students on MA Curatorial Practice at University College Falmouth, graduating in September 2009

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Alexandra Zierle and Paul Carter

Alexandra Zierle and Paul Carter’s collaborative work is interdisciplinary, multi-sensory and site/context responsive spanning from performance, sound, video to installation. Through their practice, Zierle & Carter critically examine different modes of communication and what it means to be human both as individuals and as a ‘collective entity’. Their work addresses notions of belonging, harmony through conflict and the transformation of limitations and sites an embodied investigation of human interactions, intimacy and trust and exemplifies a profound curiosity of the unknown, the void and the instant, namely ‘the now’.
As directors of Live Art Falmouth (LAF), they are currently working in collaboration with Plymouth Arts Centre on a performance art programme in conjunction with a Marina Abramovic exhibition for Plymouth Arts Centre, January 2010.
- Zierle & Carter

On the Private View, 24th April 7pm - 9pm, Below the Skin a one to one performance with Zierle and Carter will be bookable in the studio.

On the 16th of May, Riversong, a private performance with Zierle and Carter will be bookable throughout the exhibtion at the reception.

You maye also view Corpses of Desire, documentation of Below the Skin, for the duration of the exhibition.

Corpses of Desire

Zierle & Carter are internationally active performance artists. For wastelands they intend to explore psychological, inner landscapes as one-to-one encounters with an audience. Disruption and mystery are key factors in the performance employed to enhance sensations of heightened awareness. Subtleties such as feeling the passage of air on the skin while moving around the gallery will “allow audiences to claim their experience and actively engage in the work.”
Zierle & Carter envisage the performance being sensory and tactile including actions, and potentially sound, framed within a narrative.
- Jeni Fraser

Recent Exhibitions
2008 Exist in 08, Brisbane, Australia
2008 Contaminate, Boston, US
2008 Beyond the Abject, Collision 08 Festival, Area10 project space, London
2008 Videophile, Phoenix Gallery, Brighton
2007 Buenos Aires Zonadeartenacción - Foto y Video Acción 2007, Buenos Aires, Argentina
2007 Out of Bounds and Invigorate, The Exchange, Penzance
2006 Ferdinand Zweig Memorial Scholarship, Patagonia, Argentina.

Live Art Falmouth website
Plymouth Arts Centre website


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